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10 Tips for Promoting Your Health Service on Social Media: Part 1

10 Tips for Promoting Your Health Service on Social Media: Part 1
April 30, 2020 Admin
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For this 2-part series we’ll be providing helpful advice to promote your health service on social media. Our 10 tips will be split into two groups – read the first 5 tips below and follow along for Part 2 coming soon.

Choosing a platform

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are by far the most popular platforms but others like YouTube or Twitter have their place. The biggest tip for choosing your social media platform is to consider your target audience. For example, kids respond well to images and videos so a children’s dentist might decide on Instagram or YouTube, or both.

Who is your audience?

Using the children’s dentist example again, your patients may be kids, but their parents make the decisions. But your marketing can and should please both audiences. Parents love making their kids happy and social content that helps them love going to the dentist will work well. You also need to share content that helps parents build trust in your expertise.

Why are you marketing on social media?

There are many reasons to choose social media as your marketing tool, such as attracting new customers, building trust with your audience and sharing your business personality. Knowing why you’re using social media will go a long way to shaping your long-term promotion strategies.

Build consistency in your posts

A consistent style to your posts will give your followers a stable, unified impression of your business. Consistency means using the same brand colours, fonts, tone of voice and types of imagery in your posts. Consider building a branding guide if more than one person will be running your social media.

Check the advertising guidelines

When it comes to medical advertising, there are some rules. For example, you cannot imply expertise or specialties if a practitioner does not have the right qualifications. Find out what guidelines relate to your industry and keep these close by to avoid being penalised or fined for misleading information.

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