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10 Tips for Promoting Your Health Service on Social Media: Part 2

10 Tips for Promoting Your Health Service on Social Media: Part 2
May 26, 2020 Admin
your health service on social media

Marketing is an important part of running a successful business. In this 2-part series, we’re sharing tips on using social media for promoting your health service. If you haven’t already, read Part 1. Here are five more tips for social media marketing in healthcare.

Consider the aesthetics of your social media account

Social media is all about the image – it should be eye-catching and exciting. Social media content, to be successful, needs to appeal to a general audience. Here is an idea to create aesthetically pleasing social posts. How about using before and after stories, with consented use photographs, you can take people on the journey of what to expect. For those new to social media, be sure to check requirements for protecting your client’s privacy, which includes advertising guidelines.

Giving free advice is a great way to show your knowledge

As an expert in your field, your time is valuable. However, sharing a free tip here or there helps a person decide if you are the right expert for them. It also helps to establish trust with your audience. Social media does require consistent posting, so this is one way to stay top of mind with clients and attract new customers. Plus, your clients are more likely to refer you to their network, which can be done by liking and commenting on your social media posts. Social media lets you reach loyal fans from anywhere, anytime.

Link to your website or other content

Social media audiences like their information to be short and sweet. If you want to share something in more detail, try linking to your website or blog page. That way only interested readers will follow the links, and you won’t alienate any users not looking for more detail.

Get inspired by similar accounts

Researching your business environment to understand competitors is part of getting to know the landscape in which your business operates.   Learning from others shortens the time frame by helping you to see what is working, which saves you time and costs. Also, take time to research outside of your industry and remember to apply the advertising compliance rules that are right for your business when using social media promotion.

Show your personality

The primary purpose of social media is to connect with your audience. As a service provider, it can be challenging to find a post that excites a person enough to pay attention to it. Sharing some personal details of your work or life makes you more relatable. To avoid overdoing the personal sharing, use the 70-30 rule – 70% branded and informative content and 30% personal content.

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