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The Best Paint Colours for Health Services

The Best Paint Colours for Health Services
June 17, 2020 Admin

Colours have the power to change our mood, make space feel bigger or smaller, and even darker or lighter. If you thought painting with your favourite colours was the best way to decorate your health practice – think again. Based on colour psychology, we’ve identified the most suitable paint colours to use in healthcare.

Pale blues

Blue, in general, is a calming, stable colour. Pale blues often remind people of the sky or the water, creating a positive and serene feel. They’ve even been found in research to reduce heartbeats. Blues are ideal for waiting rooms or consultation rooms, where you want your patients to feel at ease.

Natural palettes

Browns, beiges and sand tones match very well with natural textures. If your design features woods or leathers, you may wish to accent these with a natural paint palette. They’re also corporate and professional without being harsh – providing patients with a trustworthy, yet approachable feeling. These can be used safely in the whole practice.

Lively greens

Greens often remind us of the healing powers of nature and help to lighten the mood. In pale tones, you can use greens in corridors or for waiting rooms. If you prefer bold tones, consider a feature wall behind the reception desk or at the entryway to evoke both strength and tranquillity.

Clinical whites

White is a classic clinic colour, but it can be too harsh. The best feature is its ability to reflect light and make space feel big. Use it in smaller offices to create the illusion of space. It’s purity also means it won’t distract or distort diagnoses which makes it ideal for consultation rooms. White on ceilings, helps your other colours stand out and amplify their mood affects.

The best advice

Consider the emotions you want to evoke and find the colours to match. In rehab settings, this may be energy and positivity, but in a dental practice, a sense of calm engagement. It’s all about creating a space that is unique to your practice, and it’s goals.

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