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The Most Productive Office Colours for Your Business

The Most Productive Office Colours for Your Business
June 11, 2020 Admin
office colours for your business

If you’re familiar with colour psychology, then you’re aware that the colours of the space we’re in can directly impact our mood, energy and productivity. By carefully selecting the paint colours, furnishings and design features of your office space, you can increase productivity. Here are 4 of the best colours for your office space and one that won’t set the right mood.


Many office owners are looking to keep their style simple with fresh whites. Pure white may be too stark and clinical, so it’s best to avoid. Off-whites, with a cream or grey undertone, keep your palette neutral without evoking negativity in your workers. With white tones, it’s essential to check the colour at different times of day; how does the lighting change its mood affects?


Blue is a classic colour choice, and if you believe in colour psychology, it’s for a good reason. Deep blue is linked to the perception of efficiency, trust and productivity. Blue can also be suitable for creating a sense of focus. Soft blues promote peacefulness; an ideal choice for your waiting room or reception to keep clients feeling calm.


With its close ties to nature, it should be no surprise that green is all about balance, reassurance and revitalisation. Deep greens can also provide a sense of stability and authority, which is one of the reasons deeper greens are commonly seen in financial, legal and medical settings.


Yellow is not a standard office colour, but it has a role to play. It promotes optimism which is a positive feeling for any worker. It can also increase creativity, so if you have a space destined for creative thinking – try adding some yellow.


Red is the colour of passion, high energy and at times, anxiety. It builds a sense of urgency, which is one of the reasons it commonly appears in retail promotions and sales. Red should be avoided in a traditional office space as it can hinder productivity.

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